2008 'Will & Kirby' designed & hooked by Laura w.Pierce

wm Kirby

This double portrait is from a trip to Terrace, B.C., back to the land of my youth. Kirby and Willy were entranced by the beautiful natural surroundings of northern British Columbia.   This is from a favorite photograph which we continue to hang in our 'family gallery'.

When Michele Micarelli came to our guild to teach a 3 day workshop, I decided to work on another portrait project; 'Will & Kirby'. Sticking with my wide-cut approach, I followed my visuals and created 2 faces. Much 'tweaking' was required, as the lighting is overhead and castes shadows over the eyes of my subjects.

Meanwhile, I struggled with the intertwined hands, and took the rug to Cambria Pines Rug Camp.  Pris Buttler showed me how Kirby's thumb had a crook in it; it was a small but significant change.

After fiddling with Will's plaid shirt, I didn't want to create the forest backdrop.  I used that special Michelle Silver stitch that I call 'Random Fill' to fill in the background.

'Will & Kirby' is selected for Celebrations XIX! They will show up in the Honourable Mention section. I 'm planning to send it to Sauder Village at their Annual Rug Retreat in Archbold, Ohio.