Custom Pattern Design and Basic Rug Hooking Supplies

Let me help you design your next rug by using Traditional design practices, along with Photo/Computer techniques to create a custom rug pattern.  Tell a story, hook a portrait or landscape, adapt a public domain artwork...

Hand dyed wools, hand drawn patterns, hooks, hoops, a few kits and Rug Hooking Magazines are available at the Studio.
'Evolving Designs'; a paperback book of Emma Webber's hooked rugs is available for $60
'Caswell Impressions', a small hardbound book of the Caswell Impressions rugs is available for $45.

For more information; email Laura at   or call  (707) 762-2595

Patterns designed by Laura W. Pierce
Hand drawn designs on Linen, Monks Cloth or Burlap:   Name, finished size & price
'3 Crows'   'Giant Poppies'
14x18" $45.00

21x28" $60.00

24x32" $70.00
16x16" $45.00
'Hiro-Splash' 'Flying Dachshunds of the North Coast'
10x13" $35.00

16x20" $50.00
12x12" $35.00
'3 Padulas' 'Bear Be Cool'
12x18" $40.00

18x28" $55.00

22x34" $65.00
14x14" $40.00
More designs by Laura Pierce - Name, finished size & price
'SF Pissarro'   'Harbor Lights'
16x20" $50.00 9x12" $32.00

12x16" $40.00
'California Quail' 'Double Distlefink'
16x16" $45.00 12x20" $45.00
'Compass Rose' 'Fraktur Blessings'
28x28" $65.00 20x36" $65.00
Plus designs from Emma Webber & Sequoia of Pattico
'Animal Tangle'   'Celtic Crow'
15x18" $50.00

20x24" $60.00

25x30" $75.00
14x14" $40.00

16x16" $45.00
'Not So Wild' 'Swirl Kat'
20x33" $70.00 19x23" $55.00
'Ohio Snow' 'Green Man'
16x20" $50.00 18x18" $50.00