'Little Blue Heron'; designed by Jane Flynn ala John Audubon & hooked by Laura w.Pierce  2005

blue heron

Another 'Show & Tell' assignment from Western Teachers' Workshop. I wonder how I will cope with all the sky that takes up half of the pattern. The Great Grey Heron I know, but what is a Little Blue Heron? As I research on-line, I discover a beautiful painting of the Little Blue Heron, by John Audubon! Now I have a 'Visual' to work with. The reeds behind the blue bird cannot be golden yellow as I plan; the blue receeds and the golden yellow comes forward. I find some antiqued plaid and tweed wools that create a receeding backdrop for the dull green reeds. Adding some tall blowing reeds; I get to use a bit of my golden yellow.

I want a peaceful morning sky and plan to paint my wool to create a soft dawning sky. Painting a sky with spoonfulls of dye makes a busy piece of wool, so I will dip-dye the sky.  A piece of wool that is 2 yards wide and 18 inches high is a double handful, but the results are perfectly calm.

My friend and mentor, June Burkhart, buys 'Little Blue Heron' before I've even finished hooking the sky. I am honored! and again; 'Little Blue Heron' is selected for Honorable Mention in Celebrations XVI!