1999 Castleton; design by Jane Flynn — hooked by Laura w.Pierce


A friend saw this rug pattern hooked beautifully by Jan Winter at Cambria Pines Rug Camp.   When our Tuesday Group saw the photos, several of us decided to hook it too; each in our own way.   It was a very fun hook, but I worked too many hours a day on it and ended up with aching fingers.   I was afraid it might be my last rug. Ha!

This was a very fun hook!  Each square was it's own reward and it came together quickly.  I had to add a viney border; there was room.

I found that this rug was based on a national treasure, the Caswell Carpet, at the Metropolitan Museum.  An embroidered Carpet, 1832-35 Made by Zeruah H. Guernsey Caswell (1805-ca. 1895) American; Made in Northeast, Castleton, Vermont, America.  Wool, embroidered in chain-stitch; 156 x 147 in.