2004 'St.Augustine'; design by Jane Flynn & hooked by Laura w.Pierce


Studying with Harriet Brown at Rockaway Beach Rug Camp, I decided to hook this little pillow top.   I sent a piece of fabric to Harriet for color planning and she sent me a list of dye recipes from Ingrid Hierogonus' Primary Fusion to make swatches.   Harriet instructed me to blend the values, but when I got home I did what I wanted; 'Outline & Fill'.   It is a great little teaching piece.

Rockaway Beach Rug Camp is well attended by the rug hookers of the Northwest; Oregon, Washington, British Columbia & Alberta.   Even a few from California!   Lots of friends, good food and a great rug show!

For Sale $350  — 12x12" pillow,  wool on burlap.